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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Walker Art Center

  There is a feeling unique to walking down a gradual staircase with a thousand wallpaper eyes staring at you as you travel into the "Disposal Facilities." Despite this creepy sensation, you are greeted with the perfect tread depth, my most favorable trait in any staircase. After seeing thought-provoking sculptures and videos of a McDonalds being flooded, you are most ready to use said facility. Even though the vile sludge treaded in by careless patron's boots, this is one of the most usable staircases I have set my feet on.

Ascendability: 9
Descendability: 9
Tread Depth: 10
Layout: 7
Excitement: 5
User Interface: 8
Upkeep: 6

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  1. Hey you posted this on my Birthday! :D hahaha! I feel special. XD