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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Liberty on the Lake

     Hello All,
I am back with a review on a great, outdoor staircase. You must be very overwhelmed by all of this, but let me give you the backstory. This staircase, (or series of sets of steps should I say) is a STAIRCASE which leads to a TRAIL which is on a LAKE in ALL CAPS. All jokes aside, this staircase is a true, leafy treat.
     Fall has well, fallen upon us, how punny, and there is no feeling like the one when you are stepping on crunchy leaves, scattered along a pleasurable trip to a pond. Lets have a look at the stats.
Ascendability: 6
Descendability: 7
Tread Depth: 9
Layout: 8
Excitement: 7
User Interface: 8
Upkeep: 3

     Ascendability and descend ability speak for themselves. I gave tread depth an 8 simply because it had a nice combination of foot relaxation and calf work. 8 for layout due to the very well placed frequent rest benches. Excitement was nice, imperfect steps provide adequate stimulation. User Interface was great. Upkeep not so much of a worry since it is an outdoor 'case but is mandatory rating-wise.

             May you henceforth climb in critical ways, not conditions,

                        The Critical Climber



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